Wi-Fi Ear Otoscope 3.9mm Smart Wireless Portable Visual Earwax Cleaning Endoscope Camera For iPhone/Android/Phone/iPad

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Wi-Fi Ear Otoscope 3.9mm Smart Wireless Portable Visual Earwax Cleaning Endoscope Camera For iPhone/Android/Phone/iPad

Take care of your ears! Treatment is better than prevention. If you use the Scope Around Ear Wax Removal Camera every day, your ears will be cleaner. If you and your family check your ears and teeth regularly at home, it will help you stay healthy. Do you want to know why your ear itches or hurts? This visual otoscope is the best thing to use to look inside your ear. It has a high resolution and is sensitive to movement, so you can see everything in clear detail. The 70-degree angle fits better with the shape of the human ear, gives a wider view, and makes it easier to see what's going on inside the ear. With the specula and the LED lights, people can safely and confidently check their ears.

Ear endoscope wax removal specification:
Special features: image correction
Network standard: IEE 802.11 b / g / n
Antenna: Built-in IPEX antenna
Working frequency: 2.4GHZ
Data transmission rate: 802.11 b / g / n: up to 150Mbps
Image sensor: CMOS
Support resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Camera diameter: 3.9mm
Focal length: 10-30mm
Camera lighting: 6 adjustable brightness LED lights
Waterproof and dustproof level: IP67
720P camera otoscope features:
- The ultra-thin otoscope has a diameter of 3.9mm and comes with a tool for removing earwax, 6 LED lights, and multiple coated glass lenses that make it easy to see and clean the ear canal. Getting rid of earwax completely and safely is good for both adults and children.
This ear cleaning endoscope can be used to check and clean your ear, nose, mouth, throat, and even your pet's ears, nose, mouth, and throat. Easy for the whole family, including adults, kids, and pets, to use. Checking in real time, taking photos and videos, and using the image comparison mode are also all possible.
With just one button, 6 LED lights, and a smart-chip that doesn't get hot, the performance is at its best. No need to worry about the ear scope getting too hot or too cold.
Wi-Fi connections that are wireless and smarter make things easier and give users a better experience. It works with both Android and iOS systems, as well as smart phones and tablets. Charge from a USB port.
The otoscope is of high quality and will last for a long time. It comes with different-sized ear picks, protective adapter sleeves, and a cable to charge it.


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