Micro SD Memory Card 512GB/256GB/128GB/64GB/32GB/16GB/8GB


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Micro SD Memory Card 512GB/256GB/128GB/64GB/32GB/16GB/8GB 

The micro SD card that comes with the adapter functions exactly the same way as any other SD card. The evidence is recorded clearly in full HD without any dropped frames thanks to the micro SD card's high-quality chips, which offer reliable performance and are therefore suitable for write-intensive applications. Furthermore, the card ensures that the evidence is recorded without any interruptions. The micro SD card is put through extensive testing to ensure that it can function reliably even in the harshest environments. This helps ensure that the card provides the highest possible performance. TF memory cards can withstand extreme temperatures, are waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof, X-ray proof, and temperature proof.

Type: TF / Micro SD Card
Compatibility: Tablet PC, MP3, Phone, Camera, GPS, DVR
Class 10 SD Memory Card for Camera — Read speed of up to 40MB/s; enough space to store thousands of photos and hours of Full HD videos, so you never have to worry about running out of space.- SD cards work with game consoles (N64, PS Vita, PS2, PS1, PSP, GameCube, and Nintendo switch), cameras, computers, laptops, tablets, PCs, monitors, smartphones, tablets, DSLRs, dash cams, GPS devices, camcorders, e-readers, and drones. It works with the Nintendo Switch, GoPro, Android, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, and many other brands.- The SD card is made of high-quality parts and has been tested thoroughly to make sure it works well.


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