High Speed 3-in-1 Type-C USB Flash Drive 64gb/32gb/16gb/128gb


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High Speed 3-in-1 Type-C USB Flash Drive 64gb/32gb/16gb/128gb

It works with phones and tablets that have the OTG function and can be connected to a desktop, laptop, smart TV, car stereo, and other devices. It is made of high-quality metal, so it will last a long time. It also has high-end quality, great craftsmanship, and strict quality. You won't have to worry about not having enough phone memory if you buy this product. It can help you increase the amount of photos, videos, games, music, and other things you can store on your phone. With a buckle that hangs, it's hard to lose. It can be used back and forth between USB and type-c interfaces because it can be turned 360 degrees.

Net weight: 10g
Capacity: 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB.
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Green, Yellow, Pink
Hardware Requirement: PC with USB connection, Notebook, MAC.
- A Type-c connector in addition to a USB 2.0 connector in a 3-in-1 design makes it simple to transfer data across laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
- Interface based on USB 2.0, which is both high speed and stable.
- Just plug it in and play; there's no need to set up any software
- Gives your Android devices access to more storage space.
- Easily transportable, lightweight, and swivels through a full 360 degrees - Solid-state storage that is resistant to shock and electromagnetic interference -

- Carry your entire digital universe in the palm of your hand.


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