5G GPS 8K Professional Drones 4K HD Aerial Photography Quadcopter Helicopter RC

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5G GPS 8K Professional Drones 4K HD Aerial Photography Quadcopter Helicopter RC 

With features like gesture photo, Intelligent Control, Wi-Fi connection, headless mode, and control from a mobile phone, the mini drone can be used for both fun and aerial photography. The fact that it folds up into a small size makes it easier to take with you. With a built-in dual camera that works with 4K pixels and a 50x zoom, it can take stunning pictures and videos from the sky. With Wi-Fi, it can connect to the application and APK system, take pictures, record videos, and send them in real time through the phone's camera.

Our 5G GPS 8K Professional Drones 4K HD Aerial Photography Quadcopter Helicopter RC is made of high-quality ABS, so it can take a fall and won't break when it hits something.

Frequency: 5G
Channel: 4CH
gyro: 6 axis
Motor: 8*23mm Brushed Coreless
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 1800mAh Lipo (Included)
Transmitter Battery: 3 x 1.5 AAA Battery (NOT Included)
GPS Version Flying Time: 15-20 minutes
Charging Time: 120-150mins
Remote control distance: 3000m
Camera optional: 5G WiFi 4K HD/5G WIFI 6K/5G WIFI 8K
FOV: 120° Wide Angle
Quadrilateral size:
Product folding size (CM): 19 x 12.5 x 7.5cm
Product development size (CM): 40 x 40 x 7.5 cm

- The GPS positioning mode can make the flight more accurate.
- With 5G Wi-Fi, can connect to APP, APK system to take pictures/videos, transfer images in real time through mobile phone camera.
- 5G Wi-Fi fpv can work up to 300m away.
The 5G Wi-Fi 1080P/5G Wi-Fi 4K HD/5G Wi-Fi 6K HD/5G Wi-Fi 8K HD camera can take a variety of high-definition photos and videos.
- With the altitude hold mode, it can fly in a stable way.
- The plane will fly in circles because of the orbital motion, which will give you a better angle to shoot from.
- In the Waypoint flight mode, all you have to do is draw a path on the screen and the helicopter will follow it.
- The flight can take between 15 and 20 minutes
- In headless mode, there's no need to move the plane's position before taking off.
- With the "one-click back" feature, it's easy to find your way home.
- Take off and land with just one click. With the push of a button, the drone can take off or land automatically. It can also go back to where it took off.
- It has protection against low power and overcurrent.
2.4GHz technology is used for anti-interference.
- Four channels, so you can fly up, down, forward, backward, left, and right.
- A six-axis gyroscope makes the flight more stable and makes it easier to steer.
- It has three levels of flight speed that make flying more fun.
- The fuselage of a quadrotor is made of engineering plastics that are both light and strong.


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