4DRC V4 Wi-Fi Drone Wide Angle Camera Foldable Live Video 4k/1080p HD - RC Helicopters


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4DRC V4 Wi-Fi Drone Wide Angle Camera Foldable Live Video 4k/1080p HD - RC Helicopters

Six-axis gyroscope, 360° rolling, smooth and free flight. The drone can stay in place both inside and outside. Headless mode, one-key function return, one-key takeoff/landing, and fixed height function make it easy for even a beginner to start flying. Our V4 drone now has two cameras, and the angle of view can be changed at any time. You can change the angle, and it can take high-quality video and clear photos from the air. It also has an arm that folds up and is easy to carry because it is light and can be folded.

Color: Black
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4ch
Quadcopter battery: 3.7V 1600mAh lithium battery (included)
Transmitter battery: 3 x 1.5 AA battery (not included)
Charging time: 60-70mins
Flight time: 15-20 minutes
Drone weight: 94.8g (with battery)
Remote control distance: 80-100m
Quadrilateral size: 27.5 x 25 x 5cm (The arm is not folded)
12 x 7.7 x 5.5cm (folded with arms)
- It is small and easy to carry because the arm can be folded. Has a high hold mode that keeps the flight steady. With the Wi-Fi function, you can connect to an APP or APK system to take photos, videos, and transfer images in real time through your phone's camera. With hand signals to take pictures. mv has tools for editing music.
- You can choose from three cameras. With a wide-angle 1080P/2K/4K camera, you can take many different high-definition pictures and videos. If there is no head mode, there is no need to move the plane's position before taking off. With a one-button return feature, it's easy to find your way back home.
- 2.4GHz technology is used to stop interference. There are 4 channels that can be moved up, down, forward, backward, left-handed, right-handed, and rolled all the way around. The six-axis gyroscope makes the flight more stable and easy to control. The body of the four-rotor is made of high-strength, engineering-resistant plastic that is both light and strong.


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