100w Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Audio All-in-one Family Karaoke Machine


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100w Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Audio All-in-one Family Karaoke Machine 

Karaoke machine, portable karaoke machine for children and adults; features Bluetooth speakers, two wireless microphones, a public address system, and karaoke song mode; may be used at home and at outdoor parties; You may rock out to all of your favorite songs without being restricted by any wires, regardless of whether you're at an inside dance or an outdoor event.

You will be able to get the most out of the music in terms of its presence, power, and volume.


Bluetooth parameters: 5.0
Speaker power: 100W
Battery capacity: 3000MA
Charging power supply: DC 5V
Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
Playing time: 5H
Audio charging time: 3H
Microphone charging time: 1H
Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
Microphone distance: 10 meters

- Karaoke System with Multiple Uses: The working range is up to 33 feet. The wireless, AUX, and TF/USB inputs are easy to connect. Karaoke Machine can record audio stream from a USB/TF Card-inserted microphone. The USB port can also be used as a power bank to charge your smart devices.
- Dual Wireless Microphone: The karaoke device with two wireless microphones lets you change your voice in an interesting way and is easy to charge. When the device is turned on, the speaker and mic are automatically linked.
- Ultra-high Sound Quality: Enjoy the great sound effects that come from the powerful speakers, which make it feel like you're really there when you listen. The DSP chip inside the speaker helps it adjust to different situations without distorting.
- Multiple Sound Field Effects: Karaoke machines can change the sound field effect into standard, popular, rock, classical, treble, or bass music that you can share with family and friends.
- Built-in rechargeable batteries last a long time. The 7.4V/3000mAh Li-ion battery for the speaker and the 3.7V/1500mAh Li-ion battery for the microphone can play music at full volume for up to 3.5 hours without stopping.


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